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Why you Should Integrate Live Chat on your Website

Live chat is a system that enables you to chat with visitors of your website in real time.

The live chat system that we use is called JivoChat. In today's market, customers want to reach you in many different ways besides simply over the telephone. Live chat offers customers the ability to better multi-task while they wait for a live chat agent, who is almost always available more quickly.

Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest live chat benefits:

  • Decrease your expenses
  • Improve customer service and loyalty
  • Discover customer support problems
  • Customer convenience
  • Competitive edge
  • Improve sales
  • Quicker support resolution
  • Expand your market reach
  • Analytics and reports

Learn more about why you should choose JivoChat at:

Live chat allows a single agent to have a conversation with more than just one potential customer on the other end. This allows for increased productivity and happier customers as they are not having to wait. This also reduces expenses as a single agent can communicate with more customers.

When live chat agents are not available, the system can be configured to automatically generate a support ticket so that the customer will get a contact back when an agent is available.

Live chat can give you a real competitive edge over your competitors if they are not offering this on their website. Just think, if someone is thinking about doing business with you and they have the opportunity to speak with someone in real-time vs. not being able to, which would think they would chose?

JivoChat can even be configured to be used by agents on their smartphones for real-time communication with customers from anywhere in the world at any time!

Rich analytics can track in real-time where the visitors and chatters on your website are coming from. It truly is quite an impressive system.

Canned responses are also a great feature that allow you to program and save answers to commonly asked questions to reduce time on repeatedly typing the same response.

Proactive responses can also be configured so that after a set time internal the live chat system will popup an automated message to the visitor of the website asking them if they have nay questions. This can help reduce abandon rates, especially if it helps the visitor solve the problem or answer the question.


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