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Want to Be Successful? Take Time to Dream

There’s arguably no dreamer more famous than the iconic late Co-founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, a true visionary whose belief in the power of his dreams continues to impact the lives of tens of millions even after his death. Jobs believed that the era of mediocrity was past and that in the current dispensation it was imperative to give every project 100% in order to make it great. In fact, it was his advice to a Disney exec to “Dream Bigger” when it came to Disney stores which resulted in a new type of store experience that continues to delight children of all ages.

Dream Big

You too can harness the power of your dreams to achieve the impossible in your own life. But how?

Dream Fearlessly

One of the worst things about everyday reality is how easy it can make you lose sight of your dreams. You could easily lose your confidence in achieving your dreams and your passion for the things you love. If you are going to be a big dreamer, the sort capable of realizing lasting change in their environment, then you must be ready to put in the constant hard work, commitment, and fearlessness needed to never lose sight of your goal.

Believe in Yourself

When you are constantly second-guessing yourself, you don’t have a lot of time or energy left to move forward with your goals. Self-confidence is key in the pursuit of your dreams. To make things easy, try breaking down your goal into smaller, manageable steps which are less intimidating than the whole.

Take Action

Don’t just dream and let things lie as they are; dreaming is great but once things are clear you need to take action. Pay no mind to those who undermine or laugh at your efforts. Appreciate those who support you and believe in you. Keep moving forward, taking each part of the plan in turn.

Compete to Win

You can’t succeed at achieving your dreams unless you embark on the journey with the aim of winning. Winners are, by nature, competitive. They are always looking to improve on the present processes and ways of doing things in order to come out better than their competitors. Winners are passionate about the outdoing everybody else in the daily events that lead to realizing their dreams. In the realms of business, business persons who come out on top are those that are passionate about find better ways of solving their customer’s problems.

Leave Space for Dreaming

Allowing yourself to get too caught up in daily activities will leave you too tied up to fuel your dreams. So endeavor to free up some time for dreaming. Actively look for ways to free up your overall schedule so that you have to think about the future and all you want to accomplish. It is during these off periods that you gain the inspiration necessary to reach for your goals.


And last, but certainly not least, persevere. Things may not go exactly according to plan—keep going. Nothing good comes overnight, keep your dreams ever in mind and you will never lack the drive to keep forging ahead.

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