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Using Dynamic QR Codes to Sell More

QR codes have been around for a while, but only recently have they been recognized for their full potential. The recent uptick in the use of dynamic QR codes in place of static QR codes has taken these handy tools to the next level. Here are our top reasons to get started using dynamic QR codes in your marketing today:

Using Dynamic QR Codes to Sell More

1. Dynamic QR codes give flexibility
Unlike static QR codes, which are tied to a specific URL that cannot be changed, dynamic QR codes come with the freedom to change the URL associated with the QR code at any time.

2. Dynamic QR codes provide data
Unlike traditional, static QR codes, dynamic QR codes easily track the number scans, their location, and the device type used so you can learn more about your customers and their preferences.

3. QR codes are versatile
Because QR codes are scalable, they fit on any marketing piece you desire - business cards, product packaging, menus, in-store signage, stickers, social media graphics - the possibilities and uses are endless.

4. QR codes increase conversion rate
One of the greatest strengths of QR codes is their ability to be used by almost anyone, anywhere. QR codes let your customers access your website, products, and services quickly and easily making them an affordable and effective marketing strategy.


QR codes are a marvel of marketing and are easily to use than they might appear. Get started with one of our graphic designers and start taking advantage of dynamic QR codes today!

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