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Tips to Take Better Selfies

Summer is here and that means it’s time to step up your selfie game to get perfect, shareable photos of your vacations and summer activities. Selfies are a fun, entertaining way to showcase yourself and your friends, but getting a great one isn’t always intuitive. Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of your time in front of the camera.

tips for better selfies


1. It's all about angles

The difference between a flattering photo and an unflattering one is all in the angle. Always hold your phone slightly above eye level and tilt it slightly down - this will prevent the “double chin” look we all hate. And keep in mind the angle of your face - certain angles look better on certain people, and everybody has a “good side” that looks better on camera. Try tilting your slightly left or right, and experiment with photos from both sides of your face.

2. Good lighting will make or break your photos

If it’s available to you, natural light is best when taking any kind of photos, but more important than what the light comes from is where it is positioned around you. Lighting should always be in front of you, not behind. Lighting that comes from behind will shadow your face while light from the front will highlight it. If it’s sunny out, face the sun (but don’t look into it!) and take the best selfie of your life!

3. Center yourself

The camera on your phone widens at the edges, almost like a reverse fisheye effect, so anything at the center looks a little narrower and what’s on the edges will look a little wider. Keep yourself centered for the most flattering photo.

4.There's an app for that

There are dozens of camera and filter apps for almost every phone operating system - each with their own unique features that can help you create the perfect photo. Overwhelmed by all the app choices out there? Both Snapchat and Instagram are well-known and easy to use. Try one or more apps until you find the one for you.


Of course, these photo tips don’t just apply to selfies - use these tips to improve photos of all kinds. Happy photographing!

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