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Creating Sales Appeal with Unique Selling Propositions

Let's take a moment and consider products that have become household names or even better - part of the common vernacular - things like the brand name "Kleenex" in place of the generic word "tissues" or "Xerox" to mean "copy." How did these brands gain such recognition? How did they become ubiquitous and integrated into our lives? Today we're looking at ways to create the kind of marketing that leads to this kind of recognition.

1. Highlight what makes your brand or product unique

Rather than looking at your brand or product from a zoomed-out level, look at what your product or service specifically provides. Look at what makes your brand unique and highlight that key point in your marketing. These unique selling propositions can stick in the consumers mind like a jingle or a slogan.

2. Make your unique selling proposition catchy and direct

When you think of a well-known brand, it should be easy to think of the slogan or jingle that goes with it - Wheaties and the "breakfast of champions" for example. Your brand may not be General Mills level in terms of profit, but you can still make your brand recognizable through a catchy slogan that speaks to your customs and successfully encapsulates your product or service's specific use.

3. Use your unique selling proposition ubiquitously

Beyond just being catchy, there's a reason slogans and brand names catch on - they're used ubiquitously in marketing. Once you've picked your slogan, stick with it. Use it on all your marketing so consumers know to associate your brand with that catchphrase.


You don't need to be an internationally famous brand to benefit from catchy marketing. Creating a unique selling proposition, a slogan, a jingle - these are all things any brand can do and benefit from. Need help getting started? Contact us to work with a professional today.

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