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Create Eye-Catching Minimalist Designs

It seems that minimalism is trending everywhere these days from interior decor to websites to printed materials, and for good reason. Minimalist design marries classic design with modern aesthetics and appears to a wide variety of audiences. Here are some tips for creating beautiful, timeless minimalist designs:

1. Focus on what is most important

The beauty of minimalist design is in its simplicity. Narrowing your focus on only the very most important, essential items prevents the design from becoming cluttered with too many details.

2. Use White or "Negative Space"

One of the hallmarks of minimalist design and what makes it really stand out is the use of white (or "negative) space to make the design feel uncluttered and simple.

3. Go beyond just print on a page

Some might think minimalist design is too low key or simple to be eye-catching, but that doesn't need to be the case. Details that go beyond just the graphics on the page such as textured paper stocks, raised or foil lettering, and dye cutting can make a minimalist design even more appealing for its uniqueness.

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