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Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Connecting your online and offline marketing initiatives is imperative for your business, no matter the industry you happen to be in. Many business people have observed that the more marketing they do offline, the more popular they become online, and vice versa. For now, let’s investigate the various ways in which you can connect your online and offline marketing campaigns to improve lead generation and increase your sales revenue.

Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Tracking URLs Is a Must

An easy way to see how much return you are getting from your print marketing is to track the URLs used on your marketing materials like ads and direct mail. The information you get will be invaluable and easy to weed through, since many web developers provide a variety of automated analytics that are simple to use and understand.

Promoting Yourself Online to Gain Attention from Offline Customers

Online marketing promotions and strategies can result in gaining attention offline. For example, consider Tom who is a freelance writer who connects most of his clients online. Prospects perform searches and then they hire him through his website and other portals where he is featured. However, he has some clients he has secured via offline tactics like direct mail, face-to-face meets and pure salesmanship. To give his clients a heads up that he is going to be present at those meetings and events, he uses social media. By posting on social media, he is able to educate his audience on why they should look forward to connecting with him at those offline events.

Boost Awareness Using Your Social Media Profiles

Ensure that any offline marketing materials you share include your social media profile URLs. You see, when someone connects with you via social media it shows up in their timelines where all their friends and connections can see. Tom has been told by numerous clients that they first became aware of his services due to a friend connecting with him through one of his unique social media profiles. Do ensure to put an actual URL to your profile as opposed to merely a social media logo which will not help prospects find you on each platform.

Provide Coupons Offline which can Be Used Online

When marketing yourself offline, for example through direct mail or at an event of conference, make sure to hand out some printed coupon codes. The chances are high that those who receive them will keep them in their wallets or lay them on their desks when they get back to their offices...and these are exactly the sort of places where you want them to be. Why? Because then your coupon code will be a constant reminded of your brand and the services and products you offer. The chances are even high that they will eventually be tempted to visit your site to make a purchase using the discount code.

Key Takeaway

Connecting your offline and online marketing will payoff, no matter what industry you are in. As your business grows it will become clearer how these two interconnect. But more importantly, the more you integrate the two, the easier and quicker it will be for you to become an industry leader.

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