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Communication is key for managers

Good management can be hard to find but can make all the difference in workplace atmosphere. Worker morale and output is heavily affected by the type of skills your management use. One of the most effective management skills, by far, is communication. Not all are born with the skill of excellent communication, however, so here some aspects we recommend practicing.

Introducing NEW metal NFC business cards!

Business cards are one of the quickest, most efficient way to network, but the sheer number of standard business cards one sees at an event can make even the most attractive of standard cards get lost in the shuffle. To really stand out, you need something truly unique which is why we're introducing a new product line of metal NFC-enabled business cards!

Understanding the 40-40-20 Rule of Direct Mail

As we've discussed, direct mail is one of the most effective ways to market. Consumers regularly read and interact with direct mail, but some direct mail campaigns are more successful than others and the 40-40-20 rule of direct marketing explains why.

NEW! Think outside the box with specialty shipping supplies

Modern businesses are more than just a storefront - some businesses don't even have physical storefronts anymore - and a lot are finding new ways to get products to new clients and locations. A lot of that is done through online ordering and, of course, shipping. Whether your business ships all your products, most, some or only a few, we can all do with a packaging facelift. If you want your packages to be recognizable - even on the delivery truck - one of the best and most affordable ways to get started is with custom printed packing tape and we have great new options for you to try.

New! Custom barricade tape now available

Barricade tape may have was once been used only for construction projects and crime scenes, but we now have it available for any job site! This banner tape is weatherproof and can be customized to promote any brand or message.

Changes to Architectural Printing Services

Hi friends -  I'm writing today with some important news about our architectural printing services. Effective immediately, we are needing to discontinue…

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The Sweetest Ways to Celebrate your Staff

A key ingredient to retention is making your teammates feel seen and special. Here are a few ways to get it right throughout the year.

NEW Product Alert! Custom beverage labels now available

?Labeling beverages comes with unique challenges - some need to be chilled, some can get very hot, some are square, some round! But we have you covered no matter what type of beverage you are labeling with new custom labels, stickers, decals, and more!

Discontinuing Do-It-Yourself Walk-In Services

Effective September 15, 2022 CW Creative will discontinue offering all do-it-yourself solutions for walk-in customers.  After offering self-service copying…

Website trends we're looking forward to

Like fashion, design trends change with the times. When we take what we learn each year about how people interact with what we design and combine that information with the aesthetic choices of the season, we find new trends to follow in our website design. Here are just a few of the best trends we've seen so far and hope to see more of this year.

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