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4 Easy Ways to Manage Your Time Better

Time management is an essential skill, especially in a workplace setting but also in the home and throughout many aspects of your life. By planning ahead,…


Asking for help while working from home

Over a full year of many of us working from home, we are reflecting on many of the challenges and changes. Most of us felt challenged this past year, perhaps…


Lessons from a Year of Working from Home

Back in March 2020, a large portion of the workforce (including our blogger!) moved from working in an office every day to remote working, aka working…


Setting the tone for 2021 with non-traditional resolutions

Whew, 2020 was a doozy, huh? Most, if not all, of us had our 2020 goals and resolutions wrecked at no fault of our own. Sure, we’re all used to a resolution…


4 Productivity Tools that Will Give You Back Your Sanity

Distractions. They are a part of everyday life whether you work from home or from the office. And unless you have the right tools and mindset to cope with…


Self-Care While You Are Working

This time of year, we are all busy. Preparing for our taxes, for ongoing projects and the new ones cropping up. For a lot of people, that means very little…

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