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5 ways to generate more response to your marketing

Marketing can sometimes feel like shouting into the abyss - is anyone out there? Is anyone listening? But you don't have to waste your time, effort, and money on marketing that doesn't see a response. Here are our top tips for ensuring your marketing efforts are worth the work:

5 ways to generate more response to your marketing

1. Target your marketing
Starting by asking yourself who the target audience is for your products and services and then choose your marketing style appropriately. If you're appealing to a younger generation, for example, direct mail may be the right way to go. For an older generation, Facebook may be the right platform. Always ask yourself where your audience is and what do they respond to.

2. Find your niche
You may find your business has a lot of competition - whether that be locally or online - so ask yourself what makes your business unique compared to others and focus on that in your marketing to set you apart.

3. Be timely
If there's a holiday or event coming up that your business has a particular tie to - the winter holidays are great for both products and services, for example - be prepared to market during the appropriate timeframe. Don't throw together a last-minute holiday campaign but instead of thoughtful about when your customers will be doing their shopping or using services.

4. Use hybrid marketing
Don't be afraid to use both digital and printed media for marketing. A customer who sees a post on social media may forget that ad by the time they are seeking services but if they receive a direct mailer within the same timeframe, it's more likely to stick in their minds.

5. Trial your marketing
It's okay to not go all the way all at once when it goes to marketing. Sending test batch of direct mail to a target group then tracking the response is a great way to trial your marketing before going all in on a particular campaign.


Marketing can be a daunting process full of lots of trial and error, but don't let it get you down. Contact us to get started with one of our marketing experts today!

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